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Carey Dunford
President and Chief of Operations for Agro International
    Successful companies are successful because of the people they are made of. Richard Gibson first met Carey Dunford on a business trip to Mexico while developing an adjusting program for tomatoes for a major European reinsurer.

    At that time, Carey was Director of Agricultural operations for the Campbell soup company at their Sinolopasta plant in Guasave, Mexico. He was in charge of the administration and production for mixed vegetables, green tomatoes, summer squash, sweet corn, bell peppers, cucumbers and melons on 1500 acres. In addition Carey was in charge of the Maquiladora program for development, production,and processing of 7500 acres of tomatoes at Campbell's Guasave site in Sinaloa Mexico.

    Carey's educational background is ideally suited for the crop insurance business as he has focused on agriculture and specialty crops. His studies include: 

    • Plant pathology, entomology and Spanish at the University of Arizona in Tucson where he currently resides; 
    • Extension studies in soils, farm management,and irrigation techniques at the University of Oregon at Corvallis Oregon;
    • Extension studies in post harvest handling of fruits and vegetables at the University of California at Davis;
    • Business management at Willamette University in Salem Oregon.

    Along the way Carey has worked in agriculture as a manager of production and processing of vegetables, fruits, vine crops, root crops, sugar beets, potatoes, wheat and alfalfa.

    Carey was instrumental in forming Agro International, as a subsidiary of American Agrisurance, while serving as Regional Vice President responsible for managing the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

    In 1999 Agro International was sold to Richard Gibson and Carey Dunford and since then Agro International has turned its focus to assisting companies develop  and manage crop insurance programs in South America.

    Over the past 25 years, Carey has directed Ago International's operations in Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay, while continuing to support projects in the USA. With his language skills, Carey is a valuable asset in our ongoing and expanding role as risk managers for existing or emerging crop insurance programs throughout the world. 

    AGRO International 
    2 West Alpia Way 
    Tucson, Arizona 85704 (U.S.A.) 
    Phone: (520) 742-7704 
    Fax: (520) 297-1217 
    E-Mail: cdunford@agrointernational.com

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