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Developing Crop Insurance
Protection Options Worldwide


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When it comes to agricultural production, farm producers around the world face similar risks that affect the future of their livelihood.

Weather perils, market prices, and global demand – while out of the control of the producer – can all have a considerable impact on the success of the crop.

Under the leadership of Richard "Rick" Gibson, founder of American Agrisurance, the most innovative crop insurance company in the United States, Agro International offers its clients an opportunity to work with a professional staff highly qualified in the crop insurance industry.


Crop insurance can play an important role in protecting agricultural assets. Internationally, many companies and government officials are looking for ways to develop a program that would give farmers opportunities to protect their income when faced with crop failure or low prices.

Agro International emerged from a successful crop insurance company in the United States so they understand the necessities of the crop insurance environment and are skilled at finding the best solution for managing risk. Since 1990, Agro has been specializing in agricultural insurance risk planning for crops. Through its role as insurance consultant, Agro assists private sector insurance companies and governments worldwide in developing crop insurance programs and services.


Agricultural Inspections

  • New and existing crop program assessments
  • Risk inspection and analysis
  • Writing inspection guidelines and procedures
  • Training personnel
  • Preparing field manuals
  • Providing in-field assistance
  • Planning, organization and program development for companies interested in entering the crop insurance business

Claims Support and Loss Assessment

  • Detailed and accurate loss adjustment services
  • In-field and classroom training
  • Loss adjustment training
  • Written guidelines and procedures for field loss adjusters
  • Consulting on staff requirements
  • Independent auditing for claims control

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