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Agriculture is one of the largest and most complex industries in the world. Production agriculture plays a significant role in the economic development and financial well-being of the worlds' population -- no matter whether they are in developed nations or the emerging nations of the world. And just as agriculture is a worldwide industry, the perils that threaten growing crops, especially severe weather and the price that producers receive for their products are a problem for producers around the globe.

At a recent meeting of the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization, the "Financial Times" reported the following, 

"The agricultural sector provides services to society as a whole and plays a central role in the life of rural economies. In most countries, agriculture is the direct and indirect base for the economic livelihood of the largest share of the population. Agriculture remains a principal force in sustaining the operation and growth of the whole economy, even in highly industrialized societies with small farm populations."
Agro International, Inc. was created over ten years ago as the direct result of an opportunity to work with two insurance companies in Mexico, Seguros La Commercial and Seguros America, as they were faced with the withdrawal of the Mexican government's crop insurance program and the need to create a private sector crop insurance industry. Agro responded and worked with these two companies to provide crop insurance for banks to protect the lending and provide collateral for the loans. As the program has developed, the two companies have now merged and are operating under the Seguros Commercial America leadership. Today they are the largest private sector company to provide crop insurance in Mexico. Go to Brochure.

Agro has had various assignments over the years in addition to our activities in Mexico. They include evaluations and studies in Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and numerous loss adjusting training sessions and evaluations.

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